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Character Inspiration



Dream Cast? Yes. Sara Orrego is a Columbian model (and Isla is a mermaid from the Southern Pacific? Yes, please.) and content creator. I think she captures Isla's look really well. I saw her on Instagram one day and said to myself, "That's Isla. That's what she looks like." 

She even did a mermaid shoot once a few months back and I nearly died. 

What do you think?

Renan Pacheco. That hair, that charming face. He screams "Baron" to me. 

I could totally picture him making me spill my secrets, using them to betray me, and then still holding on to a corner of my mind despite my better judgement. Couldn't you?


Maryn Collage.jpg


Alistair Collage.jpg

In reality, Anya Hofmannita is very different from our shy, mom-friend Maryn but her face holds this beautiful innocence that I think grounds me to her when I think of Mare.

Do you agree? 

Chrisopher Mason!!! I remember him fondest from Demi Lovato's music video for "Here We Go Again," when he was a little curly haired baby.


Now, though, he's looking more grown up and exactly like how I picture Alistair. 

What about you? How do you envision our blond warrior?



Kaya is hard to cast. I have this very specific image in mind for how she looks, and I've yet to find someone who matches up entirely. However, Juliana Herz, a Costa Rican model, seems to come really close for me. 

I think it's her eyes. They have something about them that draws my attention and won't let go. 

All collages made with images found on Pinterest and created with Canva.

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