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"Even in Death"

Nearly everyone has had a lost love. In other words, the one that got away either due to another person, drifting apart, death, etc. Whether it be the boy next door, a loyal princess, or a supernatural being, all of these stories have two things in common: loss and heartbreak.


Featuring Stories By

Alanna Robertson-Webb, Andrew Hayes Williams, Dermott O’Malley, Andrew Ronzino, Anthony Regolino, Deidre Sequeira, Katherine Widick, Oliver Brady, James Stanton, Emily Fluke, M.M. Lewis, Cassandra Solon Parry, Abigail Linhardt, K.A. Masters, Meg Boepple, Nikkita Bell, Stella B. James, Rich Rurshell, Sofi Laporte, and Isabella Cheung.


In a world where the tales of the Fae and the Grim Reaper collide, what happens when an
immortal faerie is tormented by an illness in the way a human is—struck powerless and without

What happens when a Reaper—a prodigy of the original Grim, himself—fails, for the first
time, to do the work he’s been called for?


Can a love that was never meant to grow heal an illness that has kept its victim on the precipice of death for her entire life? Or will it only leave more scars?


“Even in Death” shows that, sometimes, neither time nor love can heal that which has been damaged, but that the beauty of each small moment is worth the pain that lives on.


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Words+ Magazine​ Issue No. 3

"Cleaning House"

Words+ is a magazine dedicated for book lovers. In this issue you will find:

  • Interview with author, Cynthia Dougherty

  • Short stories from authors

  • Thanksgiving recipe homemade apple pie

  • Editing service providers

  • Formatting service providers

  • Instagrams

  • 10 of the coolest book stores you have to check out



Cleaning has always brought Edna a strange sort of peace, a calm that nothing else can achieve.

Today, though, she's cleaning for more than just peace.

Her kids are away, and her husband is... indisposed.

It's time to clean this house for the last time.

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Short Story Appearances

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